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Bhartiya Sports: Leading the Way as the Best Sports Association in India

Bhartiya Sports: Leading the Way as the Best Sports Association in India

In the broad field of Indian sports, Bhartiya Sports stands out as a beacon of excellence and invention. As the exclusive sports organisation in India, Bhartiya Sports is dedicated to nurturing talent, promoting sports culture, and promoting the growth of athletes in all classes. In this blog, we delve into what sets Bhartiya Sports separated as the best sports association in India and its assistance to the sporting ecosystem.

These traditional sports of India are being actively developed and revived by Bhartiya Sports to preserve the national heritage and provide an opportunity for athletes to continue training in their uniforms. Bhartiya Sports has played an important role in the development of sports in India by preserving social heritage, promoting participation, building national sports, cooperation and effective education and emphasizing the value of cooperation and collaboration in sports training.

A Legacy of Excellence 

Bhartiya Sports has a legacy of excellence and a decade-long commitment to promoting sports in India. Founded on the principles of integrity, inclusion and excellence, the association has played a significant role in shaping the American sports landscape.

Bhartiya Sports has state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with the latest technology and equipment to support athletes on their journey to success. From world-class laboratories and training centers to sports science labs and rehabilitation facilities, the organization offers everything athletes need to succeed.

Apart from athlete development, Bhartiya Sports is also committed to promoting a vibrant sports culture in India. Through programs such as sports events, community outreach programs and sports awareness programs, the Association aims to inspire a new generation of athletes and enthusiasts and foster love around the world.

Comprehensive Programs

Bhartiya Sports offers a wide range of programs for athletes of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. From grassroots programs to elite athlete development programs, the Union offers a holistic approach to sports education and training, ensuring that all athletes have the opportunity to reach their full potential. At the heart of Bhartiya Sports' success is a team of experienced coaches, trainers and support staff who advise, counsel and support the athletes. These experts have the knowledge and experience to help athletes succeed in their chosen sport and achieve their goals.

The success stories of athletes trained under the banner of Bhartiya Sports are proof of the impact the association has had on the Indian sports landscape. From Olympic medalists to national champions, Bhartiya Sports students have gone on to achieve remarkable feats on the international stage, bringing pride and honour to the nation.

Community Engagement

Bhartiya Sports is active in the community and works with schools, colleges and local organizations to promote sports and healthy lifestyles. By offering sporting opportunities, training programs and training opportunities, the association supports people from all walks of life in their sporting pursuits.

Bhartiya Sports' role in promoting sports in India is significant, reflecting its deep commitment to promoting sporting excellence and preserving the country's sporting heritage. The Bhartiya Sports program embraces India's rich sports history and culture, contributing significantly in the following ways.

  1. Preservation of Sporting Heritage: Bhartiya Sports serves as a platform to preserve and promote traditional Indian sports that have historical significance. Popularizing indigenous games and activities helps maintain the cultural identity of Indian sports.

  2. Inclusivity and Diversity: Bhartiya Sports initiatives aim to introduce a wide range of traditional Indian sports to students, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in the sporting ecosystem. Familiarizing students with native sporting culture encourages participation across different regions and communities.

  3. Development of Grassroots Sports: Through the promotion of indigenous Indian games in schools, Bhartiya Sports contributes to the development of grassroots sports. Providing access to sports that do not require expensive infrastructure, enables students, especially those from rural areas, to engage in physical activities and develop a sporting temperament.

  4. Collaboration with Educational Institutions: Bhartiya Sports collaborates with educational institutions to implement initiatives like the 'Bharatiya Games,' where physical education teachers introduce indigenous games to students. This partnership ensures that students have the opportunity to learn and participate in traditional Indian sports within the school curriculum.

  5. Promotion of Team Spirit and Collaboration: Traditional Indian sports emphasized by Bhartiya Sports focus on collaboration, camaraderie, and team spirit. By shifting the focus from individualistic competition to nurturing teamwork, these initiatives instil values of cooperation and unity among participants.

Some of the traditional Indian sports promoted by Bhartiya Sports include

  1. Kabaddi: Kabaddi is a traditional Indian sport that has gained significant popularity, especially after the launch of the Pro Kabaddi League. It is known for its fast-paced and physical gameplay, attracting a wide audience both in India and internationally.

  2. Kho-Kho: Kho-Kho is another traditional Indian sport that has a rich history. It has seen a resurgence in popularity, with the Ultimate Kho Kho league being established to promote and showcase the sport at a professional level.

  3. Panja (Arm Wrestling): Panja, or arm wrestling, is a traditional sport that has gained attention through events like the Pro Panja League. The professional competition and exhibition events have garnered significant viewership on social media platforms.

  4. Atya-patya: Atya-patya is a traditional Indian sport that dates back to ancient times. It involves elements of strategy, agility, and teamwork. While not as widely known as some other traditional sports, efforts are being made to promote and revive it.

  5. Chaturanga: Chaturanga is an ancient board game that originated in India and has undergone various modifications over time. It has historical significance and is considered one of the traditional games that embody Indian culture and heritage.

Activities of Bhartiya Sports the best sports association in India

Bhartiya Sports organizes competitions for traditional Indian games by implementing initiatives like the Bharatiya Games, which aim to popularize indigenous sports and create a platform for students to engage in these traditional activities. The process of organizing competitions for traditional Indian games involves the following key steps:

  1. Interschool Competitions: Bhartiya Sports facilitates interschool competitions where students from different schools participate in traditional Indian games. These competitions provide a platform for students to showcase their skills and compete in a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork.

  2. Seasonal Game Selection: One seasonal game is selected each month as part of the interschool competitions. This approach ensures a diverse range of traditional Indian games are featured throughout the competition calendar, allowing students to experience and learn various indigenous sports.

  3. Recognition for Best Performances: Schools and teachers who excel in promoting and participating in traditional Indian games receive certificates of recognition. This acknowledgement encourages schools to actively engage in the promotion of indigenous sports and fosters a competitive yet collaborative environment.

  4. Affordability and Equitability: The Bharatiya Games initiative aims to make sports more affordable and accessible to children across India, especially those from underprivileged or rural backgrounds. Traditional Indian games require minimal resources and infrastructure, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to participate.

  5. Encouraging Teamwork and Creativity: Traditional Indian games emphasized in these competitions are designed to encourage teamwork, collaboration, and creativity among students. By focusing on these values, the competitions promote holistic development and a sense of community among participants.


As the best sports association in India, Bhartiya Sports continues to lead the way in nurturing talent, promoting sports culture, and driving excellence in Indian sports. With its unwavering commitment to athlete development, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedication to promoting sports at all levels, Bhartiya Sports is poised to shape the future of Indian sports for generations to come. Bhartiya Sports' approach to organizing competitions for traditional Indian games through initiatives like the Bharatiya Games fosters inclusivity, cultural preservation, and the development of sporting talent among students across the country