Bhartiya Express V/S Mumbai Defenders

Bhartiya Sports recently organised a game tournament for Bhartiya Express and Mumbai Defenders. As a result of this exciting match, the Mumbai Defenders were crowned champions. It was a great moment for Bhartiya Sports to win this tournament, as some of the players on the winning side were trained by the Bhartiya Sports.

  • We have well-equipped infrastructure for our football players to train in and a team of experts to provide them with the best guidance. Our coaches have years of experience in training athletes and provide personalised coaching to each player.
  • Our training program is designed to help our players reach their full potential.
  • We also have a range of performance-enhancing tools to ensure our players are constantly improving. We are committed to helping our athletes succeed and make their mark in the world of football.

Bhartiya Giants And Delhi Kings

Bhartiya Sports recently hosted a thrilling Kabaddi match between Bhartiya Giant and Delhi Kings. The match was a closely contested one, with both teams displaying their prowess on the mat. However, in the end, it was the Bihar Thunderbolts who emerged victorious.

  • One of the key factors in the Thunderbolts' win was the presence of several players from Bhartiya Sports in their team. These players had been trained rigorously and were well-prepared for the match.
  • Bhartiya sports provide best-in-class training from Agility training, and explosive training to reaction time.
  • The coaches also have an individual approach to each student’s training program. This helps them identify the student’s weaknesses and strengths, and accordingly develop a plan for improvement.
  • Bhartiya Sports also provides nutritional guidance to its students.

Bhartiya Warrior V/S Lucknow Defenders

The Bhartiya Sports organization organized a cricket match between Bhartiya Warrior and Lucknow Defenders, which resulted in Bhartiya Warrior winning the contest. A number of Bhartiya Sports players are playing in the Bhartiya Warrior side of the tournament, and the company is very pleased with this development

  • Bhartiya Sports have access to the latest equipment and training methods to help players develop their skills.
  • The coaches are experienced and knowledgeable and have helped many players become successful.
  • The environment is conducive to learning, giving players the best chance to reach their full potential.
  • The team also has a great support system in place with nutritionists and physical therapists to help players stay healthy and in peak condition.